Pipe reference projects

Druckleitung zur Ableitung von Karstwasser im Zugangsstollen eines neuen Pumpspeicherkraftwerks

Pressure pipe for discharging karst water in the access tunnel of a new pumped-storage power plant

In the Swiss canton of Glarus, in the headwaters of the Linth river, the water inflow of a drainage basin measuring approximately 140 km² is used for hydroelectric power generation.
The 2015 Linthal expansion project will add another powerful pumped-storage plant to the existing plants to expand and optimise them.

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Leitungserneuerung im Berstlining Verfahren mit ECOPUR-Rohren

Laying new ECOPUR pipes using the pipe bursting process

Schlösschen Vorder-Bleichenberg in Biberist

Nestled in the Biberist district to the south of the cantonal capital of Solothurn is Schlösschen Vorder-Bleichenberg, constructed in the 17th century by the von Roll family, aristocratic Solothurn patricians, as their summer residence. Ludwig von Roll, a direct descendent of this family, became a co-founder of the von Roll iron works in 1810, the forerunner of what has become the successful vonRoll hydro Group that we know today.

As part of a modernisation process, the Biberist district water supply company planned to replace the outdated supply pipework along Asylweg, the access road leading to Schlösschen Vorder-Bleichenberg. ...

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Trinkwasser-Transportleitungen für Bellinzona

New drinking water transport pipelines for Bellinzona in the Swiss Canton of Ticino

Bellinzona is the capital and, after Lugano, the second largest city in the Canton of Ticino (Switzerland).

For the past 6 years Aziende Municipalizzate Bellinzona AMB, the utility company for the city of Bellinzona, has been implementing the stages of a major project which will ensure a secure, top quality supply of drinking water for the city of Bellinzona and the suburbs of Sementina, Monte Carasso, Gnosca and Gorduno for the coming decades.

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Fernwärmeleitung mit Seewasser aus dem Genfersee in La Tour-de-Peilz

District heating pipeline with water from Lake Geneva in La Tour-de-Peilz

Recovering heat or cold from surface water is becoming increasingly more attractive, and exploiting the enormous heating potential offered by Switzerland's big lakes is an obvious means of doing this. The "CAD La Tour-de-Peilz" district heating network project aims to use energy from the water of Lake Geneva to meet the central heating and hot water needs of around 3000 homes. The technology employed to accomplish this combines pumping stations with a network of pipelines and individual heat pumps.

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Gesamtumfahrung Biel – Löschwasserleitungen

Bypass Biel – ductile cast iron extinguishing water pipes in the Büttenberg and Längholz motorway tunnel

The A5 motorway bypass around the City of Biel on the stretch between Solothurn and Neuenburg closes one of the last gaps in the Swiss national roads network. The new section also links the A5 and A16 Trans-Jura motorways and the T6 going towards Bern, which were built decades ago running from three directions to the outskirts of Biel.
The extinguishing water pipelines in tunnels Büttenberg and Längholz have been produced with ductile iron pipes of the vonRoll DUCPUR type with pushin joints.

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Wasserkraftwerk Lago di Tomé – Hochdruckleitung DN 400

Hydropower plant Lago di Tomé – high pressure pipeline DN 400 for environmentally friendly electricity production

The Alpine lake known as the Lago di Tomé lies in the municipality of Lavizzara in the Vallemaggia district of the Swiss Canton of Ticino. The Tomé mountain stream flows from Lake Tomé into the valley of the same name and from there into the River Maggia, on the left bank just before the village of Broglio. The section between the Alpine lake, at the upper end of the valley at a height of 1,692 m above sea level, and the point where it joins the Maggia close to the village of Broglio, approximately 680 m above sea level, and hence with a geodetic head of more than 1,000 m, is of extreme interest in terms of using the water power for the production of electrical power.

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Attisholz Süd Biogen

New lease of life for brownfield site

Biotech company undertakes water engineering project

On one of the largest brownfield sites in Switzerland, the former premises of the Attisholz cellulose factory, the US biopharmaceutical company Biogen is setting up a site of national importance covering 50 hectares. Under difficult conditions during ongoing building construction work, the company is embarking on a water engineering project for the area.

Report Aqua Gas 2_2018

600 mm internal diameter culvert below the Nežárka river

600 mm internal diameter culvert below the Nežárka river

A trenchless, controlled horizontal bore was performed for the first time ever in the Czech Republic to install a cast-iron pipe with 600 mm internal diameter below the river.

The Chotýčany–Zlíchov water supply line, which is managed by the South Bohemian Water Board, is one of the most important main lines for the local water sector. This line crosses the Nežárka river near Veselí nad Lužnicí as an overland line with a steel bridge. In light of the anticipated service life of the bridge, its cost of maintenance and susceptibility to water line vandalism, a decision was taken to relocate this main water line and install it below the river very close to the location of the current bridge.


Let it snow – with ductile cast‐iron pipes from Duktus

Premium project at Willingen ski resort

Willingen ski resort in the Hessian Sauerland has seen Germany's most state‐of‐the‐art chairlift system built in 2018 for around €10 million and the existing snow‐making system was extended to include a new snow pipeline between the mountain and valley stations with ductile cast‐iron pipes from Duktus. It will enable the slopes to be covered with technical snow far more efficiently in future.


Interimsleitung zwischen Wasserwerk Canitz und Rohrbrücke

Temporary pipeline between the Canitz waterworks and the pipe bridge

When the regional dam management authority decided to install sheet pile walls in the flood prevention dyke running between the river Mulde and the Canitz waterworks to protect the region against future flooding, the public water board in Leipzig saw its opportunity to renovate the two parallel DN 1000 grey cast-iron long-distance pipes that supply the city of Leipzig with fresh water from the Canitz and Thallwitz waterworks. The work involved inserting DN 800 ductile cast-iron pipes and fitting longitudinal positive locking BLS® socket joints to the installation.

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Neuer Galgenbucktunnel in der Region Schaffhausen

Neuer Galgenbucktunnel in der Region Schaffhausen

Verkehrssicherheit dank Löschwasserleitungen aus duktilem Gusseisen

Die Stadt Schaffhausen ist die am nördlichsten gelegene Stadt der Schweiz und bildet mit ihren mehr als 35.000 Einwohnern das Zentrum des gleichnamigen Kantons Schaffhausen. Sie ist eine der wenigen Schweizer Städte nördlich des Hochrheins an der Grenze zwischen Deutschland und der Schweiz und liegt südöstlich des Randen im Tafeljura.

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