Water is an essential part of the generational contract. Today, we must build infrastructures using top-quality, long-lasting components. Water quality and water use must be monitored and safeguarded through innovative products and services (INFRAPORT as the basis for the Smart City and the Smart Village). In doing so, the components necessary for our infrastructures are to be produced locally as far as possible. In this way, our values, which are reflected in the labor and environmental protection laws, among others, are incorporated into our infrastructures. At the same time, short transport routes minimize CO2 and exhaust gas pollution.

We act in an environmentally conscious, safe - economical and low-impact way

VONROLL HYDRO opts for sustainability

At VONROLL HYDRO, respectful handling of resources has always been lived and legal regulations regarding the environment are complied with or even exceeded. With the further development of the environmental management system and the associated certification according to ISO 14001, the company underlines its environmental commitment. It is committed to providing the necessary means and structures to manufacture and distribute ecologically optimal products and equipment in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Furthermore, use and disposal should not have any negative impact on the environment.

We have reduced the use of natural resources and also reduced the amount of waste that cannot be put to good use. Reusable parts and materials are used for our products. These can be reprocessed, recycled, or reused in a completely different way.

  • The amount of waste we produce is controlled and a great importance is given to waste separation (recycling).
  • The risk of soil or water contamination is minimized by effective technical and organizational measures.
  • Conducting regular drills on intervention procedures should leaks or spills occur also contributes to the sustainability of our infrastructure.

Eco-friendly production processes

Our primary surface treatment by powder coating is one of the most environmentally friendly and modern paint systems currently available. The powder coatings consist of heavy metal-free pigments and are solvent-free. In addition, the process used by VONROLL HYDRO is very resource-saving, as a degree of utilization of up to 98% can be achieved through efficient powder recovery.

Powder coating not only significantly improves the environmental balance sheet and occupational safety, but also meets the high quality requirements for paint adhesion and corrosion resistance of powder-coated materials. With the use of this label-free technology, no heavy metals are generated in the process. At the same time, plant operators also benefit from improved occupational safety.

Preventative environmental protection

The environmental impact of individual decisions is recorded as early as possible in the planning stage and taken into account as part of the overall assessment. This applies in particular to investment and development planning. The avoidance of waste has priority over its disposal. Waste that is unavoidable for technical and economic reasons is recycled if economically justifiable, otherwise it is disposed of in accordance with legal requirements.

  • OPX (Ocean Plastic)

Small parts - big effect for the climate

Recycled materials improve the CO₂ balance of our products. The goal is that one day every VONROLL HYDRO product will be made of 100 % recycled or renewable materials. To achieve this, we need to use more recycled materials for our equipment and ensure that these materials are recovered at the end of the product's life. When we use recycled and renewable materials, we reduce our dependence on mining, transporting and processing raw materials. This reduces our CO₂ footprint and conserves valuable natural resources.

Less CO2 through regional material cycles

Pipes, fittings and valves are not made from limited fossil raw materials, but from steel scrap and cast iron scrap, which we obtain mainly from regional material cycles. CO2 emissions are continuously reduced during production and "waste products" are returned to the product cycle.

It is not only about a healthy nature, but also about a healthy region

A sustainable production process offers even more advantages, however: We can ensure that our demands for environmentally friendly production are maintained and that all production steps are optimized independently. We rely on the many years of expertise of our employees, who are largely responsible for the high quality of our products. Ductile iron pipe systems, produced in Europe, therefore stand for more than just a safe supply of drinking water.

A cast iron pipe can be used for up to 140 years without any problems and the material has the advantage that it can be reused as often as required. An old cast iron pipe does not end up in the trash or in the oceans - but only in a new pipe. In addition, cast iron pipes can be flexibly adapted to different conditions. Durable, recyclable and kind to the environment

Lifetime over generations

We respect the intergenerational contract by using high-quality and durable products and services and paying the right price for them.

We recognize non-discriminatory access to clean water as a universal human right.