Drainage technology

We offer system solutions in structural and civil engineering, in domestic technology, in tunnel drainage and in environmental protection.

VONROLL'S broad municipal casting range – safe for traffic, ergonomic, durable and economical.
In accordance with the EN 124/VSS standards
In the load classes A15/B125/C250/D400/E600/F900


System components for drainage technology in structural and civil engineering, tunnel construction and domestic technology

Shaft covers

VONROLL shaft covers have represented the recognised standard in public and private road construction for decades.

Stepped covers and surface covers

VONROLL'S stepped covers are especially suited to shafts where space is limited, for example the shoulder area of tunnels.

VONROLL ROLLMATIC surface covers can be used to cover all types of openings in floors and ceilings in a modular design. They can be joined to one another and behind one another in any way. Thanks to removable cross members, even multiple rows of openings always remain accessible across their entire surface.

Access grating, bridge drains

The design of VONROLL'S gully grating/gully tops has been tailored to comply with road safety requirements. The individual grating types ensure maximum absorbing power.

VONROLL ECO bridge drains are suitable for installation on bridges, terraces, ramps and in squares. The grating is used for draining surface water off the road and the frames drain the road surface itself. The drains drain the bridge structure even during the construction phase thanks to the cups being embedded directly in concrete.


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