Valves and fittings

Reliability and durability are the key quality features for valves and fittings. vonRoll hydro combines leading technology with first-class quality in its complete product range and focuses on high-quality pipe components for universal use. Thanks to the inner and outer epoxy coating, vonRoll valves and fittings are protected against corrosion hygienically and durably.

Thanks to the modular system, you meet all the requirements for the supply of water and gas, as well as wastewater disposal with the complete pipe system made of ductile cast iron.

Shut-off valves, gate valves with flange and PE spigot end

Shut-off valves

Gate valve with soft seal

Gate valves are shut-off valves in the "closed" or "completely open" switch position.
Gate valves can be installed in almost all pipe networks for supplying water and gas, as well as in wastewater disposal systems.
They can be used under pressure and in a vacuum.
For the most part, the gate valves are designed with a screwless connection between the housing and the upper section, which guarantees optimum corrosion protection.
Thanks to the different connection techniques, such as thread, flange, screw sockets, push-in sockets, PE spigot end and cast spigot end, our gate valves are suitable for every type of pipe.


Universal combinations enable cost-effective, individual customer solutions.
With the modular vonRoll UNI system, a wide range of combinations can be achieved using vonRoll gate valves and fittings.
Field of use: In pipe networks for water supply and wastewater disposal.
Gas supply on request.

Knife gate valves

The knife gate valves seal in both directions of flow.
Can be used as a wafer valve which seals on both sides or as an end valve which seals on one side without an additional mating flange.
Knife gate valves are predominantly used for contaminated water in service water and sewage plants or in applications with a short installation length.

Wastewater technology: Untreated water, wastewater, raw sludge, digested sludge, air, etc. 
Chemical industry: Chemically polluted wastewater, etc. 
Foodstuffs industry/brewery businesses: Washing and rinsing equipment, conveyor systems, etc. 
Biogas plants: Slurry, dirty water, etc. 
Highly viscous substances
Special aggressive media on request

Valve tapping fittings

Valve tapping fittings are used for domestic mains connections or for pipe branches to existing underground and overground pipes.
Boring of the main line after screwing on or fusion-welding the valve tapping fitting can be done with an external bore-tapping device or a bore-tapping device integrated in the valve.
The valve tapping fittings can be fitted in almost all in water supply pipe networks.

CLICK house service connection fittings

The CLICK is a bayonet connection comprising a bayonet sleeve, which is fully protected against corrosion, with a corresponding bayonet pointed end and patented anti-twist lock.
Advantages at a glance: Simple and safe installation without tools, no loose parts, threadless connection technology thanks to CLICK anti-twist lock, can be combined with other systems.

The CLICK house service connection range extends vonRoll's range of valves and fittings in the field of drinking water supply.

Non-return valves

Non-return valves have the task of preventing the medium from flowing back in the event of an interruption in the flow.
Non-return valves are designed in accordance with the international standard.

Check valves, swing check valves

The valve disc is held in open position by the flow.
The opening angle is determined by the flow rate as well as the closing force, which is applied by a closing spring for check valves or a closing weight  for swing check valves.
For perfect tightness of the closure of the check valves, a minimum overpressure is required at the secondary level.

Nozzle check valves

Non-return in conveyor systems and cooling water circuits, foot valve in conveyor systems, non-return from accumulators or networks (e.g. pipe network, pressure tanks).
Minimal pressure loss due to optimised flow cross sections.
Optimal hydraulic behaviour: Responsive, short closing path and therefore minimised pressure peaks.
Field of use: Water. Other media on request.

Ball-type non-return valve

Ball-type non-return valves are particularly well suited to wastewater with a high risk of clogging.

Membrane non-return valve

Non-return in conveyor systems and cooling water circuits, foot valve in conveyor systems, non-return from accumulators or networks (e.g. pipe network, pressure tanks).
The sealing effect of the non-return valve is achieved by the elasticity of the membrane alone.
The membrane is opened too far by the flow rate. As the speed falls, the membrane closes silently by laying against the flow body, and it also has a damping effect against water impacts.
Field of use: Water. Other media on request.

Disc-type check valve

To be clamped between flanges. Low pressure losses, short installation length.
Field of use: Water. Other media on request.


Butterfly valves

Butterfly valves are predominantly used in open-closed mode.
The valve housing and valve disc are completely epoxy-coated inside and out, or enamelled.
The valves are characterised by long service life and low actuating forces.
The combination with corresponding drives or signal sensors enables use of the valves in electronically monitored systems or as a safety device in the event of power failures.
Special seals allow installation in manholes or underground.
Field of use: Water, drinking water, gas.

Wafer valves

Wafer shut-off valves are predominantly used in OPEN-CLOSED operation in systems.
Not recommended for regulation purposes. Below 30° opening angle there is a risk of cavitation.
For drinking water, cold and hot water, dirty water and salt water.
Gas and other media on request.


Main valve

Drinking water valve with drainage. The valve drains when in closed position. For use in environments at risk of frost. Suitable for plant irrigation systems. The valve is also suitable for underground installation.

Regulating valve

Perforated plug with guide
Field of use: Water. Other media on request.

Ring piston valve

Ring piston valves, in addition to their main task as control organs, can be used in many other fields of use, e.g. as a bottom outlet in dams or as a safety device, as well as for the following special applications:
Control valve in pipes with high operating pressure, large pressure differences and high flow speeds, pump starting valve, backflow prevention for pumps with drop weight,
Safety and overflow valve to reduce impermissible pressure increases in the pipe system (operated without external energy), pressure shock auxiliary outlet protection in transport lines, pre-controlled pressure relief valve (operated without external energy), protection against pipe breakage, turbine bypass and turbine actuation, filling valve at high pressures, flushing valve, pump test bench and industrial applications.

Special version in special design also as ring piston non-return valve.
Field of use: Water. Other media on request.

Control valve

Pressure relief valve, pressure maintaining valve, float valve
Control valves controlled by own media are used wherever a wide range of control tasks have to be carried out in water distribution networks or water supply systems. The control valve version is based on these functions.
The main fields of use are pressure regulation, flow rate regulation, fill level regulation, OPEN/CLOSED control, protection and control.

Pressure relief valves controlled by own medium are designed for larger flow volumes than mechanically controlled valves.
Beyond these possible uses, there are many other options, such as in combination with electrical actuation via a solenoid valve.
Field of use: Water. Other media on request.

Pressure relief valve

The pressure relief valve reduces a higher, discontinuous admission pressure in the system to a constant value. The pressure downstream of the valve is determined by the value set at the pressure relief valve.
For clean cold water. Other media on request.

Float inlet valve

Level regulation of water containers. The servo-actuated float valve keeps the water level between two fixed levels. When the top level is reached, the pilot directs the input pressure into the pressure chamber. The valve closes hermetically.
At the bottom level, the pressure chamber discharges to atmospheric pressure and the valve opens.
To avoid pressure shocks, the closing and opening speeds can be regulated.
Works without external energy.

Float valve

Inlet valve for water containers where the supply quantity should automatically adjust to the bleeding. This guarantees a constant container level.
Field of use: Water supply systems, water. Other media on request.

Aeration and bleed valve

Automatic aeration and bleeding of drinking water pipes.
Field of use: Water. Other media on request.

Foot valve

Non-return valve in drainage pipes and protection against contamination.
Field of use: Water. Other media on request.

Bleed screw

Bleeding of pressurised cold water pipes.

Bleed valve

Bleeding under pressure (small air volumes). Low space requirements.
Fields of use: Drinking water, heating and industrial systems.

Reservoir fittings

Overflows and drains, well covers, strainers
Reservoir fittings are primarily used in reservoirs and wells. The comprehensive range is the ideal solution for new builds and refurbishments.

Intermediate strainer, coarse filter

Used in the extinguishing water supply for sprinkler systems.
Protection for pressure relief valves and other system components against coarse impurities in the drinking water and service water supplies.

Dirt trap
Dirt traps are used to protect pipes and valves against the entry of foreign bodies, such as wood, stones, boring swarf, etc.
Fields of use: Water, service water, industry.

Adjustable-length pipe couplings, flange joints

For easy installation and removal of valves and fittings.


For gate valves

For valve tapping fittings

Installation sets
The telescopic installation set allows for infinitely variable adjustment to the final street height.
An alternative is the fixed installation set, which can also be extended and is suitable for larger trench depths. Adapted for vonRoll Universal access covers.

The vonRoll telescopic installation set is suitable for all soft-sealing vonRoll gate valves, butterfly valves and valve tapping fittings, as well as for the main valve.
Infinitely variable height adjustment in four lengths for trench depths of 780 to 2500 mm.

Access covers
For roads, in particular with heavy traffic.
Access covers must be designed to allow easy operation of the installation set, the gate valve or the underground hydrant. For underground hydrants, it must be ensured in particular that the internal set can be replaced.

Universal version: Universal access cover system with wide edge for rolling in. In the event of significant level increases, the two-piece access covers can be adapted to the new conditions without additional parts. Two-piece access covers can be extended easily at the time of placing the top surfacing layer.

Weld-proof version: Weld-proof access covers have a ductile cast iron cover with a fixed plastic ring, which cannot be removed. This prevents the cover from welding together with the frame.

Hydraulic press pump
For cold water and oil.

Caseless valves

Stop valves, check gates, backflow preventers
Municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants, chemical industry, rainwater collection basins, flood protection, power plants, for the most demanding environmental requirements.

They are characterised by a compact design as well as quick and easy mounting.

They offer maximum corrosion protection through the use of stainless steel and are maintenance-free.

Specify field of use in request.

on request


Field of use

vonRoll's range of valves primarily covers the water supply area, but can also be used in gas supply and wastewater disposal. To provide you with more information about the possible uses of our valves, the following symbols are used on the catalogue pages:

Field of use: Water supply

Water supply

Field of use: Gas supply

Gas supply

Field of use: Biogas plants


Field of use: Wastewater disposal/industry

Wastewater disposal

Thick film epoxy-coated valve in accordance with GSK guidelines

For thick film epoxy-coated valves according to GSK guidelines

Enamelled valve



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