Valves and fittings

Reliability and durability are the key quality features for valves and fittings. VONROLL HYDRO  combines leading technology with first-class quality in its complete product range and focuses on high-quality pipe components for universal use. Thanks to the inner and outer epoxy coating, VONROLL valves and fittings are protected against corrosion hygienically and durably.

Thanks to the modular system, you meet all the requirements for the supply of water and gas, as well as wastewater disposal with the complete pipe system made of ductile cast iron.

Shut-off valves, gate valves with flange and PE spigot end

Field of use

VONROLL'S range of valves primarily covers the water supply area, but can also be used in gas supply and wastewater disposal.

Field of use: Water supply

Water supply

Field of use: Gas supply

Gas supply

Field of use: Biogas plants


Field of use: Wastewater disposal/industry

Wastewater disposal

Thick film epoxy-coated valve in accordance with GSK guidelines

For thick film epoxy-coated valves according to GSK guidelines

Enamelled valve



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