Ductile cast-iron pipe systems – from a single source

Duktus offers outstanding solutions for combining and joining ductile cast-iron pipes, fittings and valves. In addition to our universal BLS® joint, which is the number-one choice for high-pressure lines, our range also includes other joint technologies such as BRS® and pipes and fittings with flanged joints. Our ductile cast-iron piles are ideal for use in unstable substrates. We often develop individual solutions for specific challenges that can only be overcome with the use of our systems.


Fittings made from ductile cast iron for drinking water supplies, waste water disposal and for industrial applications

In order to provide complete system solutions for all applications, we offer a comprehensive range of fittings.

Joint types

  • BLS®
  • BRS®
  • TYTON®
  • SMU (screw socket)
  • STB (gland nut socket)

Coatings and linings

The coatings and linings of our fittings comply with the requirements of DIN EN 545 (drinking water) and DIN EN 598 (waste water). All fittings, whether for drinking water or waste water, are coated with a 250 µm internal and external epoxy resin layer as standard, providing heavy-duty corrosion protection in accordance with the GSK RAL Quality Mark requirements. Drinking water fittings are coated in blue, while waste water fittings are coated in red/brown. BLS® fittings are coated in blue for both applications.

Other covers and coatings are available on request.