VONROLL'S current hydrants combine the most up-to-date technological knowledge with a treasure trove of many years of experience in order to ensure a safe and reliable extinguishing water supply.

The defining properties of our hydrants are their high level of performance and their ease of installation and use. They are also characterised by a modern design which does not become any less attractive over the decades.

As essential components of an intelligent network, they can be equipped with the Ortomat radio-supported leak detection system to ensure constant leak detection and network monitoring.

Classic hydrant with two outlets, anthracite


Overview of hydrant upper sections

Fig. 5601 5602 5603 5607 5522 5532 5414 1896 5704 8950
  HYTEC 1 Abgang HYTEC 2Abgaenge HYTEC 3Abgaenge HYTEC Tunnel Hydrant CLASSIC 2 Abgaenge Hydrant CLASSIC 3 Abgaenge Hydrant 5000S Hydrant 1 Abgang Hydrant Nostalgisch HYPLUS Hydrant Unterflurhydrant VARIO 2.0
Storz connection 75 55/75 55/75 75 55/75 55/75 75 55 55/75  



New VARIO 2.0

The world's largest adjustment range of 70 cm

With the new version, trench depths of ­1.10 - 1.80 m – the most commonly used depths in practice – can be covered with only one hydrant lower section. This provides users with the world's largest adjustment range of 70 cm.

Adjustable Fix
Neues VARIO 2.0 Hydrantenunterteil

Unterteil Fixe Höhe


to VARIO 2.0


Type of valve Radial
Ventilkegel radial
Entry bend Flange Screw socket Push-in socket PE plug-in socket
  DN 100
DN 125
DN 100
DN 125
DN 100
DN 125
DN 100/110, 100/125
DN 125/140, 125/160

with house service connection
Dual shut-off Radial
Base Sockel


Standard colour hydrant upper sections and connection set
Red RAL 3000  
Bblue RAL 5005  
Yellow RAL 1003  
Lime green MK 670 F  
White aluminium    RAL 9006  
Anthracite 1M1363  
Galvanised -  


Field of use

VONROLL'S range of hydrants primarily covers the water supply area, but can also be used in industry and wastewater disposal.


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