We are members of the following associations




Swiss-French Hydrant Technicians' Association

The Association is set up to represent hydrant technicians and promote their work amongst the general public and the authorities.

The Association is also designed to foster knowledge sharing between Hydrant Technicians and professionals working in the drinking water industry, or any other subject of common interest, relating to technical, organisational, operational or financial aspects.

The Association also works to promote ongoing training (theory and practice) amongst its members and to raise their profile as professionals in the drinking water industry.

More info: www.fontainiers.ch




Valais Water Service Providers' Association (AVDE) / Canton of Valais Water Supply Association (VWVW)

Activities: Strengthening contacts and links between the water distributors in the Canton of Valais; helping the municipalities and those in charge of drinking water distribution to find solutions to common problems; raising awareness and defending the interests of water distributors in the Canton of Valais amongst our umbrella organisations and the general public; informing the public of their rights to high-quality drinking water and their obligations in terms of protecting this valuable resource.




Association for the Economy of Berlin and Brandenburg

The AWB (Association for the Economy of Berlin and Brandenburg) represents the economic policy positions and goals of more than 400 members to the government, the media and civil society, while also helping them to compete in the global market. To our members, we are a centre of excellence and a network for shaping working conditions and economic climate. We believe that collaboration should always be fair and based on mutual trust.

More info: www.allgemeiner-verband.de




European Committee for Standardization

CEN, the European Committee for Standardization, is an association that brings together the National Standardization Bodies of 34 European countries. CEN is one of three European Standardization Organizations (together with CENELEC and ETSI) that have been officially recognized by the European Union and by the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) as being responsible for developing and defining voluntary standards at European level.

More info: www.cen.eu




Swiss Centre for Rationalisation and Construction

The CRB (Swiss Centre for Rationalisation and Construction) was founded in 1959 to provide services for all specialists working in the construction sector, thereby facilitating dealings between building contractors, planners, businesses and suppliers – across cantonal borders and in three languages. As part of a network comprising customers, associations, production partners, sales partners and public authorities, the CRB develops and markets work equipment for streamlining administration and improving communication in the construction industry. The existing and newly developed CRB standards are available together with the latest technological developments.

More info: www.crb.ch




Swiss-French Water Distributors

The association fosters connections between its members and helps them promote their activities. To broaden professional horizons, create links and promote knowledge sharing, the association is committed to:

  • Developing the professional network:
  • Targeting information
  • Increasing visibility
  • Building bridges for communication:
  • Ensuring national representation

More info: www.eaux.ch




German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water

DVGW – Innovation and setting standards in the gas and water sectors
In Germany “DVGW – German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water" is the competence network for all questions related to gas and water supply.

More info: www.dvgw.de




Fachgemeinschaft Guss-Rohrsysteme

The Fachgemeinschaft Guss-Rohrsysteme (FGR®) e. V./European Association for Ductile Iron Pipe Systems (EADIPS®) is a technical scientific association of European companies that produce pipes, fittings and valves in ductile cast iron.

More info: www.eadips.org




Companies in the gas and water sector

Figawa's objectives and the work it carries out are designed to bring tangible benefits to its members. The association helps its members by:

  • Helping to introduce appropriate standards and regulations
  • Collaborating in the certification of companies and products by the DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water)
  • Organising training schemes and professional development courses
  • Providing a discussion platform for addressing technical and scientific issues
  • Gathering and preparing information from the world of science and technology, as well as from real-life usage in the field
  • Helping to improve the technology employed in the apparatus and equipment needed to generate, recover, prepare, transport, distribute and use gas and water
  • Advocating and promoting technical, technological and scientific work in the gas and water industry
  • Promoting future-proof, cost-effective, eco-friendly energy supply using natural gas – from the source to the customer.

More info: www.figawa.org




Drainage Technology Quality Association

The GET (Gütegemeinschaft Entwässerungstechnik – Drainage Technology Quality Association) is a centre of excellence and information/coordination centre for drainage technology. To protect the environment and bodies of water, the GET promotes, defines and monitors high quality standards and comprehensive quality assurance. In particular, the GET formulates proposals for international, European and national standards.

The GET awards the RAL quality marks RAL-GZ 692 "Sewer Casting", RAL-GZ 693 "Separator Systems" and RAL-GZ 694 "Building Drainage" for drainage technology products and – in cooperation with the Property Drainage Quality Association – RAL-GZ 968 for separator system services. Drainage technology products and services with the RAL quality mark exhibit an exceptionally high level of quality that has been tested and is verifiable.

Products that are safe, durable, high quality and environmentally friendly protect not only the environment but users and operators as well. RAL quality marks help planners, authorities, users and building contractors to make the right purchasing decisions quickly and to carry out work safely and reliably.

The GET's members are leading drainage technology solution manufacturers, professional associations, testing institutes and other recognised experts.

More info: www.get-guete.de




Gazier Romands

Gaziers Romands is an association that acts in the interests of Swiss natural gas/biogas suppliers in terms of industrial policy and energy policy.

More info: www.gas-naturale.ch




GSK Qual­ity As­sur­ance As­so­ci­a­tion

The GSK Qual­ity As­sur­ance As­so­ci­a­tion for Heavy-Duty Cor­ro­sion Pro­tec­tion of Valves and Fit­tings with Pow­der Coat­ing (GSK e.V.) is the in­ter­na­tional in­dus­try net­work for busi­nesses that coat valves and fit­tings with epoxy pow­der. GSK awards the RAL-GZ 662 Qual­ity Mark (Güteze­ichen) to com­pa­nies who ful­fil the stren­u­ous qual­ity-as­sur­ance re­quire­ments in ac­cor­dance with the cur­rent Qual­ity and In­spec­tion Reg­u­la­tions. 

More info: www.gsk-online.de

HWK Cologne



Cologne Chamber of Crafts

We are the regional network for skilled trades in the Cologne/Bonn Region. We are sustained by the voluntary efforts of 400 entrepreneurs and employee representatives in general assemblies, executive committees, governing bodies, boards and working groups. We – the 200+ employees in the trade corporation – champion the interests of skilled tradespeople in the region.

More info: www.hwk-koeln.de

HWK Reutlingen



Chamber of Crafts Reutlingen

The Handwerkskammer Reutlingen is a self-regulating regional organisation for skilled trades. It aims to be a modern service centre for trade and sees itself as an institution that safeguards the interests of its member companies and those who work in trade, pooling them together and representing them in the public arena.

More info: www.hwk-reutlingen.de

IHK Ostbrandenburg



East Brandenburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Because of its very close links to business, the IHK Ostbrandenburg (East Brandenburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce) undertakes numerous activities in place of public authorities. The self-regulatory body of the business community focuses more effectively, more favourably and more specifically on the issues that affect the local economy. The IHK does more than just advance the interests of individual sectors – it promotes the economic development of the entire region. It also supervises investment subsidies, assesses economic trends and helps shape legislation proposals.

More info: www.ihk-ostbrandenburg.de




Austrian Association for the Gas and Water Industry

Since the 19th century, the Austrian Association for the Gas and Water Industry has supported the goal of state-of-the-art supply. It represents the interests of its members from both sectors and ensures consistent, recognised guidelines with its regulations. It develops training courses according to the latest findings and awards certificates and the ÖVGW quality mark to products, persons and companies for special quality.

More info: www.ovgw.at




Swiss Association of Well-Sinkers

The SBV (Swiss Association of Well-Sinkers) was founded in 1949 for the technical personnel employed by water suppliers.
Its primary purpose is to provide professional training for well-sinkers, technical personnel employed by water suppliers, and the owners and employees of companies that operate and maintain a water supply.

More info: www.brunnenmeister.ch




Swiss Society for Corrosion Protection

The Swiss Society for Corrosion Protection supports customers and members in all issues of corrosion protection to achieve maximum expected useful life. Corrosion is a major factor that limits the durability of materials, facilities and systems. The main strength of the SGK is the experience of the internationally recognized interdisciplinary team. This allows the competent and efficient execution of measurement, planning, research and development in all areas of corrosion protection.

More info: www.sgk.ch




The Swiss Association for Standardization

We are the Swiss representative of global and European standardization and act for the benefit of the economy and society in Switzerland. Here at the SNV, we act as a bridge between standardization experts and the users of the standards.

More Info: www.snv.ch




The Building Services Association of Switzerland and Liechtenstein

The Building Services Association of Switzerland and Liechtenstein (suissetec) is an industry body and employers' association. It represents manufacturers, suppliers, planners and various other parties involved in every stage of the value chain and serves the interests of the following sectors:

Plumbing | Building envelope
Ventilation | Climate control | Refrigeration
Sanitation | Water | Gas (including supply lines)

More info: www.suissetec.ch




The Swiss Association for Gas and Water

The SVGW is the technical and network organisation of the Swiss gas and water supply industry, and makes a decisive contribution to the problem-free and sustainable supply of natural gas and drinking water. For 140 years, the SVGW has represented the interests of its gas and water suppliers, and provided future-oriented solutions for the shared problems of its member companies.

More info: www.svgw.ch

Trade association Oensingen

Trade association Oensingen

The association aims to promote the ideological, economic and professional policy interests of self-employed individuals and companies working in trade, commerce, services and industry. It acts as a mediator and intermediary, protecting the interests of its members against private, municipal and cantonal authorities and administrations. Further goals of the association are:

  • Developing and promoting Oensingen as an attractive shopping destination, place to live and services hub
  • Contacting, collaborating with, representing and being actively involved in authorities, associations and institutions with similar goals.

More info: www.gewerbevereinoensingen.ch




Swiss Water Association

The association was established in 1944. It represents the aggregation of the Swiss professionals for water protection. VSA offers professional training programs, defines the standards for security and quality and informs about water pollution control.

More info: www.vsa.ch




Association of Technical Staff in Swiss Gas and Water Suppliers

The VTA (Association of Technical Staff in Swiss Gas and Water Suppliers) is a supporting, independent organisation in the gas and water industry. It has its own statutes as defined in the Swiss Civil Code, is politically neutral and promotes close collaboration between public enterprises and private companies. The independence of gas and water suppliers in the association is not affected by being a member.

The association promotes and implements new techniques and technologies, offering active professional training for specialists both independently and together with other professional associations.

More info: www.vta.ch




Prenzlau Economic Forum

The WFP (Prenzlau Economic Forum) brings together industrial and commercial companies in the Prenzlau region.
It pursues the following objectives under the motto "Growth through our own strength":

  • Developing and safeguarding skilled workers
  • Strengthening the economic power of the Uckermark district of north-east Brandenburg
  • Firmly establishing the Uckermark district as a business-friendly location
  • Collaborating with universities
  • Future-proofing the Uckermark district