Measure and understand

VONROLL HYDRO offers many ways of measuring and recording data in the pipe network and its peripherals.

The standard parameters include the following measured values:
Pressure, flow rate, vacuum, temperature, conductivity, turbidity, level and switching states.

Together with data logging, these sophisticated, technical measurement devices can be used to take measurements in hard to reach places.

The autonomous operation of the VONROLL HYDRO systems enables measurement and data communication even at remote places without access to electricity. The measured values can be integrated in existing control systems via FTP server or SMS. Thus, INFRAPORT 2.0 offers a unique method of recording and analysing quality measurements and network states.

VONROLL HYDRO is also pleased to support water supply companies as a service provider for the collection of measured values, such as with a GWP, with expert measurement technicians and the right measurement equipment.


Ortomat leak detector

Field of use

VONROLL'S range of measurement technology primarily covers the water supply area, but can also be used in gas supply.

Water supply

Gas supply


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