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Water is the foundation of life – this goes without saying. Despite this (or even because of this), we are not prepared to pay the right price for good, clean and safe water, or make investments to allow water to be safely transported using sustainable infrastructure, to retain its quality and to prevent theft and waste.

After decades of engagement with the issue of water, VONROLL HYDRO has developed the ZEROWATERLOSS mission statement. In doing so, we have seen how ZEROWATERLOSS has become a global challenge. Summer 2003 was the first time that even countries in Europe with plenty of water were shown how vulnerable the foundation of our life and our quality of life is. 2018 refreshed the (gladly suppressed) memory. In many places, sinking groundwater levels have been registered for years, and a significant portion of worldwide migration movements could be attributed to the increasing lack of water or conflicts connected to the control of water reserves. In addition to climate change, the key causes of water shortages are population growth, demands on the standard of living, overexploitation and ignorance. Where the Aral Sea still stood until recently, there are now dry boatyards in the desert. In many countries, over 50% of the water generated in an energy-intensive manner in desalination plants gets lost on the way to the consumer.

The ZEROWATERLOSS mission statement presents the counter-thesis: Water is a key part of the intergenerational contract. We must build infrastructure today with first-class, long-lasting components. Water quality and water use must be monitored and safeguarded with innovative products and services (INFRAPORT as the foundations of smart cities and smart villages). The components required here for our infrastructure should ideally be manufactured regionally. This allows our values, which are reflected, for instance, in labour and environmental protection laws, to feed into our infrastructure. Thanks to short transport distances, CO2 and exhaust gas pollution are minimised at the same time.

Together with you, our customers and business partners, we want to see ZEROWATERLOSS become a reality, with integrated and coordinated products and services worldwide. Our assortment forms a solid foundation for joint commitment. Our engineering teams are glad to have the chance to support you in planning and implementing large and small infrastructure projects.

ZEROWATERLOSS – so that water also remains a safe foundation of life for our descendants.