NRW control
in the Seville
catchment area

Seville’s uniqueness is unfortunately overshadowed time
and again by water problems.
The utility company EMASESA
has declared war on these –
with success.

NRW stands for “non-revenue water”, i.e. water that escapes
from the supply grid without generating any benefit or revenue.
This is a problem that EMASESA (Empresa Metropolitana
de Abastecimiento y Saneamiento de Aguas) has set its sights
on solving. The company is responsible for the provision of
water-supply, wastewater and water treatment services in the
Greater Seville area. At 57%, EMASESA covers a large part of
the population in the province of Seville with its services and
reports the following key figures:

+3800 km        12

Pipe network length       Supply zones


    28           1.1 Mio.

   Reservoirs                   People

“Specialists and the latest technologies from
VONROLL HYDRO are part of our
action plan for the integral water cycle.”

Cristóbal Madero, Head of Diagnostics EMASESA

The creation of the current 242 sectors in the distribution system
of the secondary supply network allows it to be permanently
monitored (flow/pressure). This milestone made it possible to
quantify NRW by sector on 25-km network sections. This has
reduced leakages to the current 11%. One of the lowest rates
in Spain!

Around 1000 leaks are detected each year using specialised
personnel and Swiss technology.

High-tech in the service of all

VONROLL HYDRO has been supporting EMASESA in the area of leak detection since summer 2018. By deploying
personnel specialised in leak detection and equipment such as Terralog geophones, Log 3000 correlators, Ortomat Classic prelocators, etc., the NRW rate has been successfully reduced further in several steps over the past five years from 1.5 m³/h-km to the current low rate of 0.25 m³/h-km.
Infrastructure management is also being digitalised with INFRAPORT.

A valuable contribution to sustainably improving the quality
of life in sunny Seville.