Release of March 2024


User manual for the release of March 2024

1. The installation type (fixed or mobile) can be added to all loggers.

1.1 Setting the installation type on the logger details page

You can assign the installation type in the logger Information section, on the Details page.

The field “Installation type” with the single-choice dropdown list is added between fields “No./Street" and “Further info 1” and contains the following options:

  • Not defined
  • Fixed
  • Mobile

The installation field is optional. As a default, the type is “not defined”.


1.2. Installation type on the list view

The installation column can be activated/deactivated in the “configure colums” drop down menu. The column “Installation” has been added to the list view between “No./Street" and “Further info 1”. You can change the position of the columns by grabbing the column title and dragging it left or right.

The column can have one of the 3 values below:

  • “-” (as default)
  • Fixed
  • Mobile

It is possible to sort the loggers as per their installation type.

1.3 Filtering loggers by "Installation”

A new filter “Installation” has been added.In the filters for ORTOMAT and ALTECNO loggers

1.4 "Installation" label

A new label “Installation” is available for the ORTOMAT and ALTECNO loggers. Values to be displayed are:

  • Fixed
  • Mobile

Not defined loggers have no label.


2. Firmware version of TELL devices

2.1 Firmware Version displayed in the List View

Now you can quickly check the firmware version of each device directly from the list view.

FW version information is displayed as an additional column.


2.2 Sortable column

You can sort the loggers as per their FW by clicking on the column-title “FW VERSION”.

2.3 FW version in Filter section

In the TELL filter section you can search for TELL devices with specific FW versions by typing the FW version in the search bar.

3. AUTOCO results preservation

All AUTOCO results are automatically safed in INFRAPORT, even if the loggers from the correlation pair have been moved or deleted.

4. AUTOCO results delete message

Changes in the pipe network may result in loss of AUTOCO results. INFRAPORT will inform you about it.

5. Password reset

If you have an email address set as your username in INFRAPORT, you can reset your password using "Reset password".

6. Map performance enhancement

We have fine-tuned the map view functionality to provide a smoother experience when working with projects that involve many loggers. Even with all the labels switched on, you will now notice a significant enhancement in the responsiveness and fluidity of the map view.

7. Enhanced logger detail page

We've revamped the Details page for ORTOMAT and ALTECNO loggers, offering a new structure that enhances logic and user-friendliness.

8. Master Data Sheet export update

The export of the Master Data Sheet for hydrants and valves will now be conveniently delivered via email, in PDF format.

Please remember to verify and update your email address in the settings if necessary.