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vonRoll hydro at IFAT 2024:

LEAKAPP, NEW PUR, UFO - three ZEROWATERLOSS world premieres

Zug, 23.04.2024 - vonRoll hydro is presenting three world premieres at IFAT 2024: the LEAKAPP data integration system, NEW PUR as a next-generation pipe coating and the ZEROWATERLOSS underground hydrant UFO. LEAKAPP integrates the data collected from all commercially available leak detection devices in an all-in-one cockpit and brings it into the INFRAPORT network monitoring software developed by vonRoll hydro. This sets a new milestone in the collection and analysis of leak and network data for water infrastructure. Just in time for IFAT 2024, PUR pioneer’s, vonRoll hydro, is the only manufacturer to have received European drinking water approval for the NEW PUR inner coating. Jürg Brand, Chairman of the Board of Directors of vonRoll hydro: "The qualities of PUR are well known and appreciated today. With NEW PUR, vonRoll hydro is taking a major technological step forward and launching the first PUR coating that meets the requirements of the new EU Drinking Water Regulation." The third world premiere is the UFO. This new underground hydrant offers full water hammer prevention technology, remote monitoring against water thieves, and it can be overhauled without interrupting the water supply.

vonRoll hydro is part of the Swiss industry and data group vonRoll infratec and is a leading provider of integrated solutions for water supply systems.

vonRoll hydro will present its latest innovations for ZEROWATERLOSS and infrastructure security at IFAT 2024 in Munich from May 13 to 17. IFAT 2024 is one of the world's leading trade fairs for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management and offers the ideal platform for presenting innovative technologies.

ZEROWATERLOSS - Avoiding water loss, creating water future

"The ZEROWATERLOSS mission statement is more relevant than ever and shapes our development work. At IFAT 2024, we will present three world premieres that are closely linked to the ZEROWATERLOSS mindset: LEAKAPP, NEW PUR and UFO. UFO stands for underfloor object and is the name of our new underfloor hydrant, which prevents water hammer damage, protects against water theft and can be revised under pressure," emphasizes Jürg Brand, Chairman of the vonRoll hydro Group. At the vonRoll hydro stand, there will be a live demonstration of how easy it is to overhaul hydrants under pressure and how the anti-water hammer technology works (standard equipment of all vonRoll hydrants).

LEAKAPP is the pioneering all-in-one cockpit for integrating data from all commercially available leak detection devices. By automatically saving all measurement results, not only are leaks precisely localized, but the detailed data is also available in INFRAPORT's task management system for further processing and evaluation. Jean-Paul Gaillard, CEO of vonRoll hydro: "Together with INFRAPORT and the ORTOMAT MTC system, LEAKAPP simplifies the optimal maintenance and correct renewal of supply networks. The water calculator shows how quickly investments in ZEROWATERLOSS projects pay for themselves."

ZEROWATERLOSS is achieved through integrated products, services and software. In the field of pipe coating with NEW PUR, the only PUR internal coating that meets the requirements of the new EU Drinking Water Directive. CEM-coated DUKTUS pipes with the BLS restraint system are regarded as a technological reference. With NEW PUR and BLS, the ZEROWATERLOSS requirements of water supplies can be met even better in future.

vonRoll hydro makes all ZEROWATERLOSS products available as BIM data and is looking for ZEROWATERLOSS partners worldwide to turn water crises into water opportunities. Talks on both topics can be held at the vonRoll hydro stand at IFAT.

Find out more about the world of ZEROWATERLOSS with our News24 at the vonRoll hydro stand, Hall B2, Stand 439/538 with live UFO demonstrations daily at 10:00, 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00.

About vonRoll hydro

vonRoll hydro is part of the Swiss industrial and data group vonRoll infratec and is a leading provider of integrated solutions for water supply systems. With 6 plants (CH, D, PL, SRB) and a rapidly developing network of sales companies and distribution partners worldwide, vonRoll hydro today generates sales of over CHF 200 million with around 800 employees and apprentices.

The vonRoll infratec Group celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2023 for the second time. The Group’s history began in 1810 with a blast furnace concession, which was incorporated into the newly founded company Ludwig von Roll'sche Ironworks in 1823. The last two decades of vonRoll infratec's development have been a metamorphosis: a supplier of hardware for the Swiss market has evolved into an industrial and data group with a global presence. With INFRAPORT, vonRoll hydro has created powerful expertise in the management of water and smart city infrastructures. Today, the company defines itself through its mission statement ZEROWATERLOSS. Integrated products, services and software are used to develop and implement ZEROWATERLOSS strategies with water utilities and water consumers.


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