Basic functions TERRALOG

TERRALOG (vonRoll hydro)
Unfortunately, burst pipes in water supply systems cannot be avoided. The TERRALOG helps to locate leaks quickly and with maximum precision.

Tutorials TERRALOG

Preparation TERRALOG
Preparation for starting up the measuring device

Instructions for the menu items on the measuring device:

  • Backlighting
  • Switch the sound on or off and adjust the volume
  • Continuous measurement
  • Filter function
  • Recording function
  • Settings

Continuous measurement TERRALOG
The purpose of continuous measurement is to check an entire water pipe for leaks in stages

Filter function TERRALOG
Filter function for eliminating high- or low-frequency interference

Recording function TERRALOG
Any noises detected by the measuring device in the field can be recorded as "wav" audio files, played back, deleted and even read out via the USB port

Bluetooth TERRALOG
Configuring the Bluetooth function on the measuring device to pair the headphones

Hearing-protection feature TERRALOG
Hearing-protection function with three different hearing-protection levels to limit the volume of noises

Switching off TERRALOG
Switching off and storing the measuring device and accessories