Overview of applications

With INFRAPORT public̈ infrastructure is recorded digitally. The system creates̈ transparency and provides security. Visualisation of all components of infrastructures on Google Maps or other geospheric̈ data systems. Integration of leak detection technologies such as ORTOMAT MTC and automatic correlation.


The highest hygiene standards are required in the drinking water supply and water management. These requirements can only be met through regular maintenance and inspections of the water infrastructure. With INFRAPORT you can access logs, water pipeline network data and other important information for maintenance and servicing anytime, anywhere.

Whether it is hydrant and gate valve control or leak detection: You complete the documentation for maintenance, measurements and other activities in your water network with INFRAPORT. INFRAPORT facilitates the implementation and documentation of the maintenance tasks. All relevant information can be shared quickly and simply with municipalities, fire service departments, building insurance companies and other organisations.

Leak detection (correlation)

A leak of 8 mm diameter causes an annual water loss of 36,880 m3 in a system with 6 bar network pressure. Consequential damages such as undermining of traffic routes and the penetration of germs and other substances are some of the direct costs of the water loss.

Thanks to the intelligent functions of INFRAPORT and our correlation technology, a leak can be automatically and accurately pinpointed between 2 loggers. Our new leak detection system ORTOMAT MTC with 4G radio technology is perfectly integrated in INFRAPORT and enables quick and efficient early detection of leaks.


Wastewater flows continuously: Private households and commercial businesses produce vast quantities of wastewater every day. All sewage plants must therefore be operational around the clock. Apart from the safe operation of all technical sewage plants, the fulfilment of legal requirements also takes top priority.

INFRAPORT assists you with the daily work at your shafts, sewage treatment plants, rainwater structures and pumping stations. Document your maintenance, repairs and renewals in order to create a functional and sustainable sewer system.

Natural hazards

Our living spaces and infrastructures are exposed to an increased risk of dangerous natural events not least due to the effects of climate change. The dangers due to forces of nature and the effects of the damage are steadily increasing in our part of the world.

With permanent monitoring of independent data logger systems and LoRa measurement points, impending dangers and changes can be detected early in INFRAPORT and you are automatically alerted.


Hydrology is the science that deals with the water on our earth. Water, as an important foodstuff, is observed in its forms, cycles and distribution. The physical and chemical properties of water are fascinating and the basis for our life and our economies. The federal government and cantons operate nationwide measurement networks for the ongoing assessment of these cycles.

Document everything in one INFRAPORT: State of sections of water bodies, special incidents (such as beaver lodges or erosion damage) or hazardous areas (improperly stored material, contamination, etc.).


Meteorology is the consequence of the physical and chemical processes in the atmosphere and also includes its most well-known applications such as the weather forecast and climatology. In addition to long-term, global processes, geographically restricted, short-term events are recorded and examined. Various meteorological measured values are shown and documented in INFRAPORT.

Mobility traffic

INFRAPORT monitors position shifts of track systems in railway technology. Railway lines can be permanently monitored with tilt and position sensors for possible movements during operation. Any problems are identified at an early stage and serious consequential damage can be avoided.

Traffic counting in road traffic is also documented in INFRAPORT

Building monitoring

Building monitoring is understood as the continuous metrological monitoring and assessment of structures of buildings.

There is an increasing need to permanently monitor existing infrastructures with regard to changes. Bridges, ceilings, façades, pillars/supporting columns, retaining walls or also tunnel structures whose statics change could result in big risks for people and the environment. INFRAPORT monitors buildings during a construction project. Be it for tunnel construction projects, deep excavations or construction work in populated areas.

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