Sustainability in water management 

Water is one of our most valuable commodities. 
This is precisely why it must be treated carefully. It is our mission to ensure that water is treated sustainably. 

Water is a fundamentally important raw material and must be treated with prudence and care. Water supplies are primarily affected by issues concerning the sustainable use of water. It is likely that clean drinking water will even become scarce in many regions of Europe. In addition, supply plant infrastructure is often outdated. Increasing pollution is also being recorded and is becoming the focus of discussions today more than ever as a result of increased health consciousness.

This new sensitivity about water resources is reflected in an increasing number of regulations aimed at protecting the raw material. While drinking water quality parameters were previously only measured for the untreated water and in the waterworks as well as after processing, data from the entire infrastructure up to the house service connection is of interest and importance today. Pipes, valves, fittings, hydrants and municipal casting components are therefore transformed into intelligent interfaces for data recording and control systems.

Many years of experience and a vision of the future that you can rely on

With SMARTNET, we have created the basis for the water supply of tomorrow. As an innovative company, we develop and produce exactly those sustainable products and services which our customers expect from. We can draw on a vast treasure trove of experience for this.

vonRoll hydro therefore stands for practical solutions as well and this is also why our competition attempts to copy us time and time again. We know water supply from the ground up and use our knowledge to actively contribute towards shaping the future. For instance, SMARTNET offers an intelligent, fully integrated system which can be used even today to perfectly meet the requirements of the future.

Our main areas of expertise

— Systems, products and services relating to water.
Developed and manufactured in Switzerland.
Swiss quality.
— Development and design of pipe systems.
— Constant network monitoring.

Benefits for you

— Innovative, reliable and hygienic water supply systems which remain safe and secure over an extremely long period.
— Many years of experience, Swiss quality and reliability, long service life.
— High return on investments and low operating costs.
— Services rendered from the project phase through to the end of the life cycle.

Our references

vonRoll hydro provides a wide rage of national and international customers with reliable and innovative system solutions and services.

Our most important customers include water supply companies and companies in the sectors of civil engineering and road construction.

We are happy to provide our customers with our extraordinary systems expertise in developing, producing and using pipe systems. It is worth testing our knowledge and asking about our experience.