VONROLL HYDRO offers an extensive range of services to guarantee the maintenance of drinking water and gas supply systems.

In doing so, VONROLL HYDRO supports the entire life cycle of the infrastructure, from installation to maintenance to replacement. Its main areas of expertise are leak detection and valve, fittings and hydrant inspections and revisions. Customer proximity, many years of experience and identification of market trends flow into the development of new products and services. This guarantees that VONROLL HYDRO is the ideal partner for forward-looking utilities and waste disposal companies.


Hydrant and gate valve maintenance

A water supply company's most valuable asset is the infrastructure

That's why it's so important to carry out regular inspection and repair of the infrastructure.
In normal circumstances, hydrants and gate valves rarely have to be operated.
However, in an emergency, the water supply company and fire brigade must be able to rely on a correctly functioning environment.

As a general rule, the hydrants are the responsibility of the respective municipal area.
The municipal area is also responsible for ensuring correct operation of the hydrants. The cantonal buildings insurance companies prescribe a functional check and maintenance of the hydrants in cycles that differ from region to region. A hydrant can only be used as an extinguisher if a corresponding water supply is guaranteed.
VONROLL HYDRO has made it its job to deal with these specific issues and offers an extensiv range of services – from simple inspection to performance data collection and revision

On-site service

As your expert partner, we are here to support you and are always ready to provide a wide range of services on-site to cater to your needs.

Whether you require network monitoring, water-quality checks, network data management, or maintenance work on and inspection of your systems, we will create a special service package tailored to your needs that is unbeatable value for money.


Our services

Valves and fittings



Manhole structures­

Domestic installation­

Drainage technology­

Measurement technology­

Outflow and flow rate measurement              
Pressure monitoring              
Spare part management              
Risk assessment              
Maintenance work              
Water & gas leak detection              
Pipe and valve/fitting detection              
Installation support              
Network monitoring              
Network data recording
Planning support              
Gas pressure regulator inspection              
Piping system flushing              
Technical support              
Inspecting domestic installations
Environmental monitoring              
Vacuum tests              
Water & gas loss analyses              
Service contracts              
Maintenance and inspection              
G/W counter change              

The above list of services provides an initial overview,
but we would be pleased to create an individual offer for you.


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