Our principles

Commitment, dedication to success and technology leadership 

We set new standards in terms of customer satisfaction in our industry.

Our customer focus is based on reliability, flexibility, expertise and honesty.

We carry out development with our focus on benefits for our customers and in accordance with the latest technological advances, and we provide support for our customers with our professional services.

Our products and services are characterised by a high standard of quality.
We ensure the quality of our products with stable processes, error prevention and a culture of continuous improvement.

We are familiar with our legal requirements and the demands of our industry and our resulting obligations, and we comply with these obligations.

Our thoughts and actions are guided by our dedication to success and economic principles.

We support our employees and involve them in the further development of our company. The values of responsibility and commitment are deeply rooted in our culture and are practised by our employees throughout their day-to-day life.

We ensure a safe workplace and work to prevent risks to health.

We maintain environmental awareness and work safely, ensuring that our use of resources and our environmental impact are kept to a minimum.

We practice integrated supplier management and involve our suppliers and business partners in our processes.

We continuously work to improve ourselves via shared goals that we quantify, measure and consistently pursue.

The Management Board of the vonRoll hydro Group.