These Terms of Use, hereinafter also referred to as ,TOU', describe the rules under which INFRAPORT and TELL are used.

1. Scope of application

1.1. These TOU apply to all CONTRACTUAL PARTNERS of INFRAPORT and TELL (hereinafter both collectively referred to as 'INFRAPORT') and its ADMINISTRATORS, as well as the persons authorized by them or their ADMINISTRATOR to access or logged in under their means of identification, hereinafter collectively and individually also referred to as 'USER'.

2. Scope of services

2.1. INFRAPORT is a service provided by vonRoll hydro (suisse) ag, hereinafter also referred to as "VRHS", with its registered office in Zug, Switzerland.

2.2. The current range of services is shown at VRHS reserves the right to change the range of services at any time.

3. Access to INFRAPORT

3.1. CONTRACTOR shall designate an ADMINSITRATOR who is authorized to create USERS authorized by CONTRACTOR within the scope of CONTRACTOR's INFRAPORT contract and to assign different authorizations to them.

3.2. Access is granted under by means of an Internet provider chosen by the CONTRACTUAL PARTNER, its ADMININSTRATOR or its USER itself (e.g. Swisscom) by entering the following means of legitimation:

- Username

- password

3.3. The user names correspond to the e-mail addresses communicated in the INFRAPORT contract. Passwords shall be delivered by VRHS to the e-mail addresses provided by the CONTRACTUAL PARTNER. VRHS may provide specifications on acceptable passwords. CONTRACTOR and USER acknowledge and agree that they are solely responsible for the use of the credentials and that VRHS does not control their use.

3.4. The INFRAPORT contract is concluded by the initial registration with the password sent by VRHS to the USER.

3.5. Anyone who has legitimized himself in accordance with the above Section 3.2 is deemed to be the authorized user vis-à-vis VRHS and the other INFRAPORT USERS. The USER is solely responsible for the use of INFRAPORT.

3.6. CONTRACTOR unconditionally acknowledges all transactions made under INFRAPORT using its means of legitimation, those of its ADMINISTRATOR(S) or its USER(s).

4. Due diligence obligations of the user

4.1. The USER is obligated to change the first password provided to him by VRHS immediately upon receipt and thereafter on a regular basis. The password must not consist of easily ascertainable combinations, but must meet the following minimum requirements: At least 8 characters (max. 30) consisting of lower and upper case letters, numbers and special characters (example 'D-infra34Port').

4.2. All means of identification must be kept secret and stored securely.

4.3. If there is reason to fear that unauthorized third parties have gained knowledge of one or more means of identification, the USER shall immediately change the corresponding means of identification or have it blocked.

4.4. The USER shall oblige all further persons authorized by him to observe the same diligence.


5.1. VRHS grants the USER the non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use INFRAPORT for his own internal purposes, limited in time and place, against payment, in accordance with the provisions of these TOU.

5.2. The USER's right of use is locally limited to the use in the country of his registration. The right of use exists for the duration of the contract and under the condition that the contractually owed payments are made in full in each case.

6. Backup and archiving of INFRAPORT data

6.1. The backup and archiving of the CONTRACTUAL PARTNER's data shall be carried out by VRHS on servers in Switzerland.

6.2. Upon termination of the INFRAPORT contract, the USER shall receive a copy of his data on a common format determined by VRHS.

7. License fee

7.1.  The license fee and its due date are based on the current price list, which is published on

7.2. If INFRAPORT usage exceeds a completed license, the license rights and fee will be adjusted automatically.

7.3. Any communication costs shall be billed separately and additionally to the CONTRACTOR.

8. Warranty

8.1. VRHS does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the data, information, communications, etc. (hereinafter collectively and individually referred to as 'Data') maintained by INFRAPORT.

8.2. The USER is solely responsible for the correctness and completeness of the data entered.

8.3. Any data of VRHS or third parties accessible via INFRAPORT are not binding and in particular do not constitute binding offers unless they are expressly marked as such.

8.4. VRHS excludes all warranty claims to the extent permitted by law.

9. Liability

9.1. VRHS is liable only for direct damage caused intentionally or by gross negligence by the persons acting and authorized to act on behalf of VRHS (hereinafter referred to as 'PERSONS').

9.2. Liability for vicarious agents and auxiliary persons is excluded in full.

9.3. In case of negligent violation of essential contractual obligations VRHS is only liable for the foreseeable, typical damage caused to the USER by its persons. Liability under this paragraph shall in any event be limited to the amount of the five most recent annual fees paid by USER under this TOU. Essential obligations according to this paragraph are obligations, the fulfillment of which makes the proper execution of the contract possible in the first place, the violation of which endangers the achievement of the purpose of the contract and on the fulfillment of which the CONTRACTUAL PARTNER may rely. In all other respects any liability of VRHS due to the conduct or omission of its persons, auxiliary persons and subcontractors for negligence is excluded.

9.4. In no event shall VRHS be liable for indirect and/or consequential damages such as loss of profits, third party claims, etc.

9.5. VRHS assumes no liability for terminal equipment of the USER or third parties (e.g. computer, cell phone, etc.), for or resulting from the technical access to INFRAPORT as well as for any goods or services of third parties offered or distributed via INFRAPORT.

9.6. INFRAPORT is made available via open networks that are generally accessible to everyone. VRHS assumes no liability for any damages resulting from the use of these networks. In particular, VRHS shall not be liable for damages incurred by the USER and/or third parties as a result of transmission errors, technical defects, malfunctions, interruptions and delays (in particular also in processing), illegal interference with or overloading of the facilities of network and/or telecommunication operators, wilful blockage of electronic access, malfunctions, interruptions or other inadequacies on the part of network and/or telecommunication operators and/or as a result of force majeure (e.g. warlike conflicts).

9.7. VRHS reserves the right, upon discovery of security risks, to interrupt and/or block access to INFRAPORT at any time and for such period as VRHS deems necessary, without notice, until such risks are corrected. VRHS is also entitled to interrupt access for maintenance work. VRHS shall not be liable for any damages resulting from such interruptions or blockages.

10. IP rights to INFRAPORT

10.1. All copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights in INFRAPORT (in particular designs, concepts, portals and software) as well as in other related services and installations (in particular consisting of the IT infrastructure including network, servers, operating systems, storage, etc. as well as the software applications running thereon including the respective source material) are the unrestricted and exclusive property of VRHS or its licensors.

10.2. The USER is not entitled to make the contractual services available to third parties without the prior written consent of VRHS.

10.3. VRHS is exclusively entitled to operate INFRAPORT worldwide.

11. Handling INFRAPORT data

11.1. VRHS shall handle INFRAPORT data with the care customary in business. VRHS shall protect such data from misuse and loss and shall take the necessary technical and organizational measures to that end in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act. However, VRHS shall not be liable for any violation of data protection regulations if such violation is the result of unlawful and/or unauthorized access and/or manipulation by third parties and/or the USER or is the result of force majeure.

11.2. VRHS does not provide third parties with information on INFRAPORT data of the USER. This shall be without prejudice to legally justified claims for surrender.

11.3. The USER is solely responsible for the legality, correctness and completeness of the data used and passed on by him.

11.4. The USER is solely entitled to his INFRAPORT data and may at any time request VRHS to return individual or all data (in a common format determined by VRHS). VRHS shall not have any retention rights, but shall be entitled to make a copy for possible evidentiary purposes.

11.5. If it is necessary for the development and/or maintenance of INFRAPORT, VRHS is entitled to process INFRAPORT data of the USER and to pass it on to development partners. The development partners are subject to the same data protection regulations as VRHS.

11.6. The USER agrees that VRHS may process his data anonymously for internal statistical purposes.

12. Safety

12.1. VRHS shall take appropriate precautions against loss of data and to prevent access by unauthorized third parties to the USER's INFRAPORT data.

12.2. Due to the encryption used, it is generally not possible for unauthorized persons to view the INFRAPORT data. Nevertheless, even with all state-of-the-art security precautions, no absolute security can be guaranteed.

12.3. The USER is aware of the following risks in particular and shall bear the consequences thereof:

  • insufficient system knowledge of the USER
  • insufficient security precautions on the part of the USER
  • unlawful access (hacking) to the USER's system environment
  • consequences of damage to INFRAPORT by computer viruses and similar events at the USER.

13. Lock

The USER may request the blocking of INFRAPORT access only during the usual service hours of the hotline. Unblocking may only be requested by the USER and must be submitted in writing to VRHS or electronically to

14. Involvement of third parties

14.1. As provider and operator, VRHS is entitled to involve third parties for the operation, maintenance and further development of INFRAPORT.

15. Termination

15.1. The USER may terminate the INFRAPORT contract at any time. The USER shall not be entitled to a pro rata refund of the license fee already paid.

15.2. VRHS is entitled to terminate the INFRAPORT contract with 30 days notice to the end of any month

15.3. Should a user violate this contract in a serious manner, in particular by not paying the license fee due on time or by violating property rights, VRHS is entitled to terminate the INFRAPORT contract without notice and to block access.

16. Changes to the terms of use

16.1. VRHS reserves the right to change these TOU at any time (in particular the range of services and prices). The corresponding publication will be made on

17. Applicable law, place of jurisdiction and final provisions

17.1. These TOU are governed exclusively by Swiss law without its conflict of law provisions.

17.2. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes in connection with these TOU is the registered office of VRHS. VRHS is entitled to sue the USER at his place of residence/registered office.

17.3. These TOU are written in different languages. In the event of contradictions, the German version shall generally prevail.

17.4. These TOU shall apply as of 01.07.2022 and shall replace all previous versions as of this date.