STOPR is the reliable check valve. It creates safety, prevents contamination and can be retrofitted on hydrants from all manufacturers. It impresses with the absolute best flow rates of all products on the market.

Reliable protection of drinking water
Wherever water is obtained from hydrants, there is the risk that contaminated water ends up in the drinking water networkthrough the hydrants, be it due to operating errors, power loss of devices or pressure surges. This applies not only to underground hydrants, but also to surface hydrants, where varying pressure ratios in particular may cause return flows.

Contamination lead to complex and costly cleaning processes and subsequently to complex liability issues. STOPR effectively prevents contamination from the return flow of water.

The technology
The check valve pretensioned by a spring reliably closes from a pressure of 0.003 bar, according to the force of a water column of 3 cm. Thanks to its flow-optimised design, STOPR also impresses with optimal flow rates (other available backflow preventers cause flow losses of up to 40 %).

Simple installation, retrofittable and unbeatable in terms of affordability – a contribution to ZEROWATERLOSS
STOPR can be installed simply and quickly on all existing hydrants (VONROLL and others) of a water supply. Do you need quick help? Give us a call! Our specialists will take care of your request competently and purposefully.


Dimensions (Ø, height) Ø 106 mm, H 53.5 mm
Weight 325 g
Housing Aluminium
Vent valve Aluminium
Max. permissible operating pressure 16 bar
Scope of delivery 1 × STOPR, check valve


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