ZEROWATERLOSS pilot project

Safety for strategic water and its infrastructures

Dry summers, problems with the water quality and increasing reports of water theft show that water scarcity is also an issue for Switzerland. This is where the mission statement ZEROWATERLOSS comes into play: Today we want to ensure that our children and grandchildren's generations can also have enough water in excellent quality. Together with the Swiss water supply companies and the ZEROWATERLOSS foundation, we are creating the basis for a sustainable water strategy with the ZEROWATERLOSS pilot project.

Safety for strategic water and its infrastructures through installation of

  • 20 ORTOMAT MTC AUTOCO data loggers (during one month)
  • 10 TELL monitoring sensors with alert sent to the TELL app
  • Visualisation on INFRAPORT
  • 10 hydrants equipped with the STOPR non-return valve
  • Control of hydrants and gate valves in the project perimeter
  • Know-how transfer through joint implementation of projects and
  • Evaluation of results with presentation of strengths and weaknesses of the infrastructure

Of the total costs of CHF 9 000 the ZEROWATERLOSS foundation and VONROLL HYDRO both assume 20%.

Together we achieve ZEROWATERLOSS
The ZEROWATERLOSS PILOT PROJECT starts with the common definition of the project area. In this project area 20 ORTOMAT MTCs are used to detect leaks for one month. Any leaks are recorded and reported on INFRAPORT. In this perimeter the gate valves and hydrants are also controlled and the work results are recorded on INFRAPORT. 10 very exposed hydrants are and remain equipped with the STOPR non-return valve and 10 relatively exposed areas (access to water chambers or reservoirs, doors, exposed hydrants, isolated buildings, important covers, etc.) are and remain equipped with the TELL monitoring sensor. Manipulations registered by TELL are transmitted via the TELL app in real time and also visualised on INFRAPORT.

INFRAPORT is a web-based visualisation and network monitoring software. It was developed by VONROLL HYDRO and
is also operated by VONROLL HYDRO. In light of the fact that ZEROWATERLOSS is a comprehensive task, which not only
includes VONROLL products, INFRAPORT was designed so that all products of all manufacturers can be integrated in the
simplest way. INFRAPORT grows with the requirements of its operators and can also visualise lots of other data, e.g., rock
movements, changes to buildings, fill levels, as well as other sensor and camera data.

ORTOMAT MTC – leading leak detection technology made in Switzerland
The ORTOMAT system has been consistently developed since its introduction. The current ORTOMAT MTCs monitor networks continuously, accurately detect leaks with the automatically correlating system AUTOCO and can be integrated in all common
radio, GSM or LoRa networks.

TELL protects water
TELL – the name is derived from the English verb "to tell", "inform", "report", "say something", although the sensor system is also in memory of William Tell with its protective function. TELL is designed for outdoor use, is robust and independent and is extremely easy to install. The TELL push notifications show unusual states and manipulations in real time so that water supply companies and other users can respond before damage occurs. In the ZEROWATERLOSS PILOT PROJECT a one-year operating licence for TELL is included.

STOPR with hydrant and gate valve control
In the test area the hydrants and gate valves are controlled and their status is reported in INFRAPORT. A quotation is compiled for the elimination of all defects. With STOPR, the patented and easy-to-install non-return valve in the Storz, it is also ensured that no water flows back into the drinking water network via the hydrants due to incorrect manipulations or unfavourable pressure conditions.

ZEROWATERLOSS – a commitment with a gain
Small leaks already cause substantial water losses and water thieves do harm in several ways by not paying for the water obtained or paying the associated water charges and also damaging the infrastructure through incorrect manipulations. ZEROWATERLOSS projects pay for themselves and where water supply companies want to make larger investments, VONROLL HYDRO can assist with customised finance packages.

Water loss table: Small leaks cause big damage


ZEROWATERLOSS – Mission Statement


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