Mobile, handy and user-friendly leak detector

Mobile device with outstanding measurement properties for prior localisation and acoustic leak detection on pressurised pipes. Valves and fittings, hydrants, house connections, etc., are very straightforward to check during maintenance and checks, meter readings or specific searches for leaks.


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Art-Nr.: 20163 – LEAKPEN 2022 (FSC-BT901) without battery
Art-Nr.: 20265 – Lanyard with VONROLL HYDRO logo
Art-Nr.: 21020 – Batt. Energizer Lithium L91 Typ AA 15.V


Housing Stainless steel, OPX PP
Dimensions Diameter 18 mm × 191 mm ergonomic shape for operation with one hand Protection rating:
Protection rating IP67
Weight 170 g ± 6%, including battery
Operating temperature - 20 °C to + 50 °C
Storage temperature - 40 °C to + 60 °C
Humidity 0% to 100 % RH
Power supply Handheld device: 1 × 1.5 V AA lithium / alkaline / Ni-MH, replaceable
Operating time At least 10 hours, with new alkali battery 2500 mA at 21 °C – automatic switch-off after 2 minutes of inactivity without Bluetooth connection, automatic switch-off after disconnection of the Bluetooth service Connection
Visual display Red LEDs (9 pieces) for displaying the leak noise level and battery status, blue LED to indicate Bluetooth connection
Bluetooth Interference-free Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology (class II)
HF module Sierra Wireless AirPrime BC127-EXT, 5.0 Dual Mode
Transmission power +10 dBm (maximum)
Antenna Internal ceramic chip
Acousticsensor Integrated piezoelectric compression sensor (PE), vonRoll hydro technology
Movementsensor Integrated digital acceleration sensor for operating control
Signal processing Frequency response 340 Hz to 3400 Hz
Certification CE / CB

Mobile, handy leak detector

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Delivery expected from end of June 2023, dates are subject to change.

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Artikel 20162

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