Data Management

With INFRAPORT, a software has been created which is trend-setting in data acquisition, data management, workflows, control tasks and quality assurance. Thanks to the web-based solution, all data is centrally stored and accessible at all times. The central data storage guarantees professional data backup and prevents duplicate formation. This means that the data stored in INFRAPORT is always up-to-date and available.

Thanks to the modular architecture of INFRAPORT, any area that can be controlled via its life cycle is accompanied, reported and documented. Besides the current status of the history is stored in detail and serves as evidence of the history in the second area for reconstructions of events. In the basic software the modules «Hydrant» and «Valve» are included. Further modules will be successively developed and activated. The developers of INFRAPORT are supported by practical users as «power users». INFRAPORT is the future-oriented software for professional management of the system infrastructure for supply and disposal companies.

Digitally record the public infrastructure. The system provides an overview and security:

  • Display of all infrastructure components on Google Maps or other data systems
  • Integration of leak detection technologies such as the ORTOMAT MTC with automatic correlation
  • Intuitive operation from the acquisition of individual components to the evaluation of messages
  • Availability and alerting on all computers, tablets and smartphones
  • Interfaces to other systems available (e.g. GIS, building insurance, ERP)
  • Efficient support for planning and maintenance work and its documentation
  • Modularly expandable (integration of sensor technology for recording and controlling quality values)
  • Comprehensive data protection and professional data backup in Switzerland


From the idea to the finished end product, the experienced engineers and designers of our Engineering Center, develop solutions which are optimally tailored to your individual customer requirements are coordinated.

As an innovative company we are available to our national and international customers and together we develop solutions that are at the same time economical and efficient: As well as sustainable. Our engineering teams have decades of expertise in product manufacturing and manufacture our own products and services in our production facilities. Series, which are successfully used worldwide. From product optimisation, to modifications and up to the realisation of new developments we open up to our customers new ways to operate successfully in global competition.

Our engineering teams will advise you individually, so that in close cooperation long-term valve solutions are created that guarantee the highest standards of quality and reliability. We provide you with competent teams of experts and have at our disposal the latest technologies for product development. With the most modern programs, such as the 3D data processing programs for construction, mould filling and solidification simulations as well as infinite element tools we help you to turn your ideas into reality.


As a manufacturer, VonRoll hydro produces a complete range of the highest quality fittings, hydrants, piping and shut-off systems, road covers, systems for gas, fire and water leakage detection and water quality monitoring. VonRoll hydro combines the latest technologies with decades of experience and develops products that are reliable, durable, flexible and sustainable.

Thanks to the modern production facilities at our various production sites in Switzerland, Germany and France, we can offer our customers a comprehensive range of products of first-class quality fittings, hydrants and piping components. The durability of the material and the great flexibility of our pipe systems during installation, make our products universally applicable. We produce a wide range of gate valves, tapping valves, backflow preventers, butterfly valves, control and air valves, reservoir valves, extension pieces and flange connections. All valves are tested according to international standards and are available in a wide range of variants «in a wide range of variants». Our engineers develop our in-house series to guarantee a range of products that meets the growing needs of the infrastructures of gas, water and sewage. In the manufacture of our vonRoll hydro hydrants, we combine modern design and future-oriented technology. Our hydrants guarantee a safe supply of fire-fighting water and can be equipped with the Ortomat radio-controlled leak detection system. All of our cast iron pipes, fittings, valves and hydrants are compatible with each other and can be connected to the vonRoll thrust safety system. In the manufacture of our products we pay particular attention to the efficient and environmentally friendly handling of natural resources.


VONROLL HYDRO stands by its customers as a competent partner on site with a comprehensive service by the side. Whether network monitoring, control maintenance, leak detection, loss analyses and revisions of plants, our well-trained service technicians are equipped with first-class equipment and are available around the clock at the VONROLL HYDRO sites in case of an emergency.

VONROLL HYDRO has acquired extensive knowledge in the field of gas and water leak detection over the years. Regular inspections of the existing gas pipelines of the gas supply companies, form the basis for the safe operation of the plants and the permanent gas supply. In order to ensure the perfect hygienic quality of the drinking water supply, the vonRoll hydro Service Team provides expertise in locating leak, maintaining the supply system and prepares extensive loss analyses. For the provision of an optimal gas and water infrastructure, our planning service offers training courses and advises cities and municipalities as well as builders and engineers on their projects.

Water supply

Our ductile cast iron pipes (according to DIN EN 545) have been successfully used for decades in the Swiss drinking water supply and ensure that the No. 1 foodstuff «drinking water» reaches the end consumer safely and unchanged. From pipe laying up to comprehensive services, we take care of the complete supply of the water infrastructure of households, cities as well as municipalities and work closely with them. Thanks to simple installation and flexible pipe laying, our cast iron pipes and fittings have proven their worth even in densely populated residential areas. To ensure the maintenance of the infrastructure, we carry out regular checks of the water quality, prepare loss analyses and carry out leak detection. Our vonRoll hydro hydrants and valves are also an integral part of the water supply. As a leading supplier in Switzerland, our experts carry out regular on-site inspections and performance data recording. The water supply and fire brigade can rely on a functioning environment in case of emergency.

Abuja, Nigeria

Our Products
6,000 m Ductile iron pipes DN 300 und DN 500 BLS system, inside cement mortar, outside zinc and epoxy coating. Nigeria’s capital develops its drinking water supply with Duktus pipes.

Gas supply

Natural gas is an established energy source in Switzerland and is made permanently available to users in urban areas via an underground distribution network. Our ductile cast iron piping system and our valve products, such as gate valves and butterfly valves, are used in large parts of the Swiss gas supply network and convince through safety, functionality and durability. Due to the robust material and the corrosion-resistant coating (e.g. PUR corrosion protection or integral epoxy coating), our pipe systems are even suitable for aggressive and rocky soil conditions and meet all requirements for a safe and efficient gas supply. Every year, our vonRoll service technicians inspect a large part of the Swiss pipeline network and prepare detailed documentation of the location of leaks.

Sicily, Italy Italgas

Our Products
ECOPUR pipes and fittings delivered to Italgas.

Wastewater disposal

With our VONROLL HYDRO range of ductile cast iron pipes and flexible connection components, we supply large regions of the Swiss sewage disposal systems. The pipes are manufactured using the centrifugal casting process in our German plant in Wetzlar. And here «our technicians in our Swiss plant in Choindez have developed and perfected the polyurethane coating of our pipes.

The VON ROLL PUR coating stands for best hygienic properties, corrosion protection and highest flow rate. Our products for wastewater disposal, such as the stable pressure pipe vonRoll GEOPUR with PUR inner lining and zinc/bitumen outer coating, as well as our sewerage pipe vonRoll ROCK, guarantee a maximum of safety, functionality and economy thanks to their first-class quality and enormous durability. Our cast iron pipes are manufactured in compliance with the strictest quality and environmental regulations, comply with European standards and are approved by the national testing authorities.

Snowmaking Systems

The use of snow-making equipment and thus ensuring that ski slopes are practicable are direct prerequisites for winter sports resorts to guarantee snow reliability as an economic factor for regions dependent on winter sports. The basic prerequisite for the proper functioning of a snow-making system is a safe water supply that can withstand all the demands of high mountain regions.

The robustness of the material and the movable socket system, together with the fact that it is quick and easy to install and lay, have made Duktus the world market leader in pipes and fittings for snow-making systems. Our Duktus pipes have a service life of more than 50 years and guarantee maximum safety for operating pressures up to 100 bar.

As specialists in the manufacture of cast iron pipes with decades of experience, we have a sophisticated range of products with pipes, fittings and the BLS® joint in one piece (DN 80 to DN 500). We have a well-stocked warehouse and can also supply our products worldwide at short notice. All Duktus pipes are tested in accordance with EN standards and certified to ISO 9001. Our specialists advise customers right from the planning stage and carry out installation training courses which enable ductile cast iron pipes to be laid quickly and in an ecologically sustainable manner. These advantages make our Duktus pipe system the most technically and economically efficient pipe system on the market, enabling laying rates of up to 400 m a day to be achieved.

Sochi, Russia - Olympic Winter Games 2014

Our Products
From the beginning of the planning phase in 2008 to the completion in 2012 (the first FIS races were held in January 2013) the project was intensively supervised. High pressure Pipes and fittings for technical snow making systems up to 100 bar. All 6m pipes.

Traffic areas

Our vonRoll hydro construction castings range covers all areas of drainage technology. We offer system solutions for structural and civil engineering, building services, tunnel drainage and environmental protection. Our products are traffic safe, ergonomic, durable and economical, tested according to EN standards and available for various load classes.

Our portfolio includes manhole covers for public and private road construction as well as step covers that can be used flexibly even for manholes with limited space, such as in the banquet area of tunnels. We supply drainage channels as well as surface covers and offer a wide range of road gratings and bridge drains. The latter are suitable for installation on bridges, terraces, ramps and squares. Thanks to the direct concreting of the cups, the drains drain the bridge structure already during the construction phase.

Prague, Czech Republic

Our Products
High traffic on this main road and narrow area for construction. Sewage pipeline is situated approx. 3 m deep. Specific claims for outside coating against stray currents. Tramway next to the sewage pipeline. OCM / ZMU DN 800, TYTON.

Cities and urban areas

Our ductile cast iron pipes systems are installed in heavily populated residential areas and cities, in where trenchless laying techniques are used to protect people and the environment from traffic obstructions and noise The flexible connection system and the external protection of our pipes make it possible to lay them in a way that is both economical and environmentally friendly.

Since 2007, more than 30 000 m of cast iron pipes (DN 80 to DN 300) with BLS® joints and a cement mortar coating from Duktus have been successfully laid in the Berlin area using the press-draw process. In recent years approx. 10 000 m of ductile cast iron pipes were installed in Switzerland using this method. In the flush drilling process, our Duktus pipes hold the world record for the largest culvert made of ductile cast iron pipes: in 2007, a pipe string (DN 900) was laid over a length of about 500 m in Valencia, Spain. Our pipe system can be laid using various trenchless installation techniques and offers essential Benefits for sustainable infrastructures.

Sevilla, Spain

Our Products
Network diagnosis and leak detection. The developed works consist in the accomplishment of confinement of the sectors, study of the demand of each sector, control of flows and finally the detection of leaks when an increase in the flows is observed not justified. 240 Ortomat O3G.

Tunnel construction

Safety is paramount, because in tunnels the outbreak of a fire or changes in the statics are particularly to be feared and efficient protective mechanisms are of immense importance. The basic prerequisite for successful fire fighting are functioning extinguishing water pipes.

Our Duktus cast iron pipes offer important advantages for this purpose: The pipe system can withstand operating pressures of up to 100 bar and has three times the safety of the pipe wall and 1.5 times the safety of the connection systems. The extinguishing water pipes are made of pipe material which guarantees fire resistance for 60 min. at 900° C. Our cast iron pipes have a high mechanical strength as well as tensile strength and bendable connections. In order to control the safety of tunnel constructions and to protect people and the environment from dangers, we carry out extensive measuring tests, such as crack protocols, expansion measurements and position shifts. Among other things, our ALTECNO LoRa measuring points in the Gubrist tunnel (northern bypass of the A1 motorway in Zurich) permanently monitor any possible displacements in the rock structure at around 70 locations.

Paris, France (Champs-Élysées)

Our Products
Installation in narrow tunnel underneath traffic junction in the city center 840 m Ductile iron pipes DN 300 TYTON system, Duktus Zink Plus (inside cement mortar, outside zinc-aluminium and Epoxy coating.)


For us, safe construction monitoring is part of the vonRoll hydro corporate culture and has absolute priority. Our VONROLL HYDRO products are used in regions that require high safety measures due to local conditions.

Our cast iron pipes are drawn in on impassable mountainous stretches as well as in tunnel construction projects where space is severely restricted. In order to avoid dangers to people and the environment, we carry out continuous metrological monitoring and evaluate the structures of buildings. Our ALTECNO data logger and LoRa measuring points are designed for monitoring tasks, both for temporary and permanent installations. We carry out measurement tasks such as crack monitoring, inclination monitoring, vibration measurements and position shifts and continuously monitor the existing infrastructure around the construction site.

Bilbao Port, Spain (Flow monitoring)

Our Products
Turnkey complete project, for the control of 19 flow metres. ALTECNO – Flow metre, Data Loggers 3G.


Extreme weather conditions, unstable terrain, risk of corrosion, seismological activity, high pressure – all these elements must be withstood by our pipes and tubes in the Mining segment. That is why the highest quality, long service life and sustainability are our top priorities.

The products of our DUKTUS brand transport liquids such as fresh and process water, residues – so-called tailings – or mineral concentrates for mining customers all over the world. We support our partners along the entire chain in the supply and hydraulic positioning of pipes and accessories. The installation of systems for seawater desalination plants and surface water collection in mining is based on highly complex processes. The technical and geological conditions require pipes of the highest quality and stability as well as great abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Their quality is continuously clarified by standardised test norms. They are ideally suited as pipes for transporting acidic and soft waters and the Duktus product family not only reduces the costs of transporting mining materials but also guarantees a long service life. The portfolio is rounded off with pipe and concentrate high-pressure pipes for transporting mineral concentrate by wet means.

Quebrada Honda, Peru (Southern Peru Copper Corporation)

Our Products
Restrained ductile iron socket / spigot pipe Duktus BLS (no welding required, means easy installation and easy disassembly if pipeline has to be moved). Internal lining with abrasive resistant High Performance Mineral „HPM“ – Result: increase of service life up to min. 4 years.