Produktionsmechaniker/in EFZ

As a Produktionsmechaniker/in EFZ, you make individual parts and devices or manufacture series of small parts using production machines. Devices are used in machine construction to position workpieces, hold their position or clamp them. They are used in series production or for small series. You programme and optimise production machines and manufacture products with high precision. The assembly of individual parts into modules or the repair of individual elements is also part of your area of responsibility, as well as the maintenance of systems and searching for and eliminating errors.

Your training

Duration: Three years
School days: 1 day per week
Vocational school-leaving certificate: possible
Certificate: Produktionsmechaniker/in EFZ


  • Compulsory education completed
  • Technical and practical understanding
  • Good imagination
  • Exceptional technical aptitude
  • Precise and careful working method
  • Enjoy manual labour and machine work
  • Patience and resilience
  • Reliability and ability to work in a team

Your application file should consist of the following documents:
Application / covering letter
Passport photograph
Curriculum vitae
Copies of school reports from senior level and from any higher-level schools
Aptitude test (signal box, Multi Check or Basic Check)

Send your application to:
vonRoll hydro (suisse) ag
Human Resources department
von Roll-Strasse 24
CH-4702 Oensingen

Tel.:      +41 62 388 11 11

Or you can submit it online here:

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